The Terms & Conditions (together and our Privacy Policy, referred to as the “Related Agreements”) sets out the complete terms and conditions upon which You may use the Atelier Hospitality Platform for us to provide the requested services.
By clicking on bookings, you acknowledge that You have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Terms & Conditions, and the Related Agreements, where applicable. You also agree to comply with all agreements, applicable laws, and regulations incorporated into this Terms & Conditions. The provisions of this Terms & Conditions and the Related Agreements govern Your use of our website and the business relationship between You and Us.
Atelier website allows a Customer/Client to book for services we offer, ranging from Premium Pass subscriptions, Airport Meet & Greet, Visa On Arrival, Excursion/Leisure, Fleet Management, Escort Services based on his/her preference. Any new Service which are added to the Services shall be also subject to the Terms & Conditions.
Atelier Hospitality reserves the right to amend their Terms & Conditions and the related agreements at any time and will notify You of any such changes by posting the revised Terms & Conditions on (the “Website”). All changes shall be effective upon posting. You are advised to check our Terms & Conditions and the related Agreements periodically for such changes. Your continued use of the website after any such changes to this Terms & Conditions and related agreements constitutes Your agreement to be bound by any changes. Atelier Hospitality may terminate, suspend, change, or restrict access to all or any part of the Services without notice or liability.
By clicking “Accept” at the bottom of the page, you confirm that you are literate and that you have read and fully understand the terms of our Terms & Conditions and the related agreements. You acknowledge and agree that Your use of the services, including information transmitted to or stored by Atelier Hospitality is governed by our Privacy Policy.
1. Atelier Hospitality Profile Terms
1.1.1 You hereby declare that You are a human being over 18 years of age and of a sound mind, or at least the age of majority in the Jurisdiction where You reside and from which You use the
services. Your application for the use of our services may not be accepted if in our sole discretion, You are less than 18 years of age.
1.1.2 In order to access the services, You would be required to fill the necessary details as required on the website.
1.1.3 When You register to access our services, You will be deemed as the contracting party and a client for the purposes of this Terms & Conditions.
1.1.4 We reserve the right to deny you our services on suspicion of illegal activities or other activities that directly or indirectly breaches the provisions of this Terms & Conditions and the related agreements or for no reason at all, in our sole discretion.
1.1.5 You acknowledge that Atelier Hospitality will use the E-mail, Phone Number and other contact details You provided to Us when You registered for our services or as updated by You from time to time as the primary mode of communicating with You. Your phone number must be capable or making calls and receiving calls.
1.1.6 You consent to Us collecting and using technical information inputted on the website, to provide any other services to You. If You use the services on the website, You consent to Us and Our affiliates’ and licensees’ to the processing, the transmission, collection, retention, maintenance, and use of Your personal data to improve Our services and/or Your experience while using the website.
 1.1.7 By accessing this website, You hereby authorize Us to provide the services herein contemplated using the App.
2. Atelier Hospitality Payment Portal
2.1.1 You would be able to pay for the services requested for on the website through the use of Debit Cards or Mobile Transfer.
2.1.2 Please note that while accessing Our services, standard/approved banking charges may apply. It is Your responsibility to pay all fees, or charges as may be updated from time to time.
2.1.3 Please, note that We may share Your Information with third parties with the extent required to provide the services and for the efficient performance of the website.

3.1.1 You are forbidden from using any Atelier Concierge content(s) made available through the website for activities not contemplated in this Terms & Conditions and the related agreements.
3.1.2 You agree not to use, copy, display, distribute, modify, broadcast, translate, reproduce, reverse, engineer, reformat, incorporate into advertisements and other works, sell, trade in, promote, create derivative works, or in any way exploit or allow others to exploit any part of the Atelier Hospitality website.
3.1.2 Using the Atelier Concierge website for any fraudulent, malicious or unlawful purposes or in any manner inconsistent with the Terms & Conditions is unacceptable.
3.1.3 You hereby agree to cooperate with Atelier Hospitality and relevant agencies in any investigation conducted by us or a governmental or regulatory body in connection with Your information provided in our website.

4.1 The following are the services/bookings offered by the Atelier Hospitality which may change from time to time depending on the prevailing circumstances.
Meet & Greet Airport Protocol Services
This service is aimed at fast tracking immigration processes and grants you priority in airport queues at arrival or departure point. Once booked a protocol officer will be assigned to Our Customer at the given travel date/time provided by the traveler. In the event of change of flight schedule/time, we must be informed immediately, this is to ensure that Atelier Hospitality raises a Voucher that can be used within three (3) months of issuance.
Visa On Arrival Assistance Services (VOA)
This facility is opened to you as a frequent traveler for not being able to secure a Visa in Nigerian embassies situated in your home country. Whereas, payment for VOA is non-refundable except in cases of double payment. This is in line with Nigerian Government’s policy through the National Immigration Service (NIS).
Private Car Hire/Transportation Services
The service is open to you for the purpose of logistics, Airport Transfer Services, Point to Point Transfer, Group Transfers and Escort Services, requiring a booking of not less than 24 hours of schedule. Where travel plans change, it is important to send a 48 hours’ notice through our contact us page or over the phone.

5. Processing Of Personal Data
5.1.1 Any personal data that comes into Your possession while performing Your obligations under this Terms & Conditions must be processed in accordance with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulations 2019.
5.1.2 You will ensure that it has all necessary appropriate consents and notices in place to enable, where necessary, lawful transfer of personal data to Us for the duration and purposes of this Terms & Conditions.
5.1.3 By using our website, You consent to Us, sharing the personal and other data provided by You in booking our service with third party contractors for the purpose of enabling efficient performance of the services, ensuring the service required for is executed and effecting any payments or notifications that We need to make to You.

6 Restriction & Cancellation
Atelier Hospitality reserves the right to cancel your request to our services if:
6.1.1 You use our platform for unauthorized purposes or where we detect any abuse/misuse, breach of content, fraud or attempted fraud relating to Your use of the Services.
6.1.2 It is required to comply with an order or instruction of or a recommendation from the Government, Court, Regulator or other competent Authority.
6.1.3 Atelier Hospitality reasonably suspects or believes that You are in breach of this Terms & Conditions and the Related Agreements.
6.1.4 You shall be entitled to cancel the bookings to our services. However, fees paid shall not be refundable.

7. Limitation of Liability
7.1.1 Atelier Hospitality shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by You should Your Travel itinerary be delayed or cancelled.
7.1.2 Atelier Hospitality shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by You should the services be interfered with or be unavailable by reason of your absence or inability to meet up with schedule.
7.1.3 Atelier Hospitality shall have no liability to You for any loss of profit as a result of Your unauthorized use of Debit Cards on our website.

8. Resolution
8.1.1 Meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations is the most important part of our service. However, there may be occasions when something goes wrong and leaves you dissatisfied. If this happens, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to resolve the problem with you. Our aim is to always resolve such matters as soon as we can and to your satisfaction.

9 Complaints
If something has gone wrong and you would like to make a formal complaint, please get in touch and let us know by providing as much detail about the issue as you can. This can be done by either:
9.1.1 Sending us an email at:
9.1.2 Calling Customer care number on:
9.1.3 Sending a correspondence to:
  Atelier Hospitality (Lounge 4)
Murtala Muhammed Airport (New Terminal)

10. Entire Agreement
10.1.1 This Terms & Conditions and other related agreements constitute the entire agreement between You and Us and supersede all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between Us, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.
10.1.2 You acknowledge that You do not rely on any statement, representation, assurance or warranty (whether made innocently or negligently) that is not referenced or set out in this Terms & Conditions and the Related Agreements.

11. Force Majeure
11.1.1 Atelier Hospitality shall not be in breach of this Terms & Conditions nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations under this Terms & Conditions if such delay or failure results from events, circumstances or causes beyond Our control. In such circumstances the time for performance shall be extended by a period equivalent to the period during which performance of the obligation has been delayed or failed to be performed.
12. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
This Terms & Conditions and Related Agreements is made under, governed by and to be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


1. Introduction
1.1 Atelier Hospitality (or “Us” or “We” or “Our”) is a Company based in Lagos Nigeria with Our registered address at Lounge 4, Murtala Muhammed Airport (New Terminal) Lagos. We are dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of personally identifiable information entrusted to Us (“Personal Data”). As part of that fundamental obligation, We are committed to the protecting the use of the Personal Data which We collect on (the “Website”). This Website helps you book for logistics services connected with the Nigerian Aviation Industry and all other associated services provided to you on your behalf through the Website from time to time. This privacy policy (“Privacy Statement”) sets out the basis upon which We will process, store, and disclose any Personal Data that is provided voluntarily by users of the Website in connection with the services that We offer.
1.2 We note that the Nigeria Data Privacy Regulations (NDPR) distinguishes between entities that are “controllers” of Personal Data and entities that “process” Personal Data. We note that We